What to Bring

Things that you should remember when you are taking a hike in Sitka: These are commonly called the 10 essentials (plus a few we added for Sitka).

• Water

• Raincoat

• Extra Clothes to put on

• Boots

• Food (energy bars, trail mix)

• Extra dry socks

• Sun block

• First-aid Kit

• Map

• Compass

• Flashlight

• Watch

• Tide Book

• Knife

• VHF marine radio, Cell Phone

• Camera

• “Bear” spray

(Not the same as “Pepper” spray)

What to Know

  • Be aware of Bears! Make Noise! Clap, sing, recite poetry. Hike in groups. Practice your “teacher voice”.
  • Bring a noise maker: bell or can of nuts and bolts! Hike with a friend or four. Bear spray is good to have, for sure.
  • Everybody in Alaska should read this webpage before travelling in bear country. Don’t be “bearanoid” or just sit at home. Learn the facts about bears and act consciously to avoid encounters – but get out and enjoy our amazing trails!
  • Be aware of hypothermia. Dress appropriately.
  • File a hike plan with someone.
  • Bring a watch so you don’t lose track of time.
  • Don’t forget to pack out your trash.