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Medvejie Lake Trail

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USE : Hike
DESCRIPTION : Rough trail through downed timber from the Medvejie hatchery to the lake. The trailhead is unmarked but is at the end of the access road through the employee houses. Hatchery staff doesn’t mind pointing out the trail to hikers when they aren’t busy.
LENGTH : 3/4 mile one way
LAND MANAGEMENT AGENCY : City and Borough of Sitka. The CBS Electric Department is responsible for the Green Lake Road. Northern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association manages the hatchery.



The “trailhead” for this non-maintained trail is 3.25 miles from the Green Lake Road gate at Herring Cove. There’s a small pullout for parking right before the gate.

The Green Lake road is also used by pedestrians and mountain bicyclists since the only vehicles that use the road are City vehicles going to and from Green Lake dam and hatchery employees. The hatchery is at Bear Cove and be aware that bears do use the road and are around the hatchery during spawning, starting in June. If bicycling, it is best to slow down when going around blind corners or cresting hills to look for bears.

The road is approximately 7 miles long and Green Lake is located at the end. Where the road divides, at about mile 6, the road to the left goes up to Green Lake and the dam and the road to the right goes to dam powerhouse.