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Sea Lion Cove Trail (Kruzoff Island)

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USE : Hike
DESCRIPTION : Remote trail on northern Kruzof Island. Boat or floatplane access. Spectacular old-growth forest, muskeg, and 2-mile long sandy beach on the open ocean. Stairs up & down hill between anchorage in Kalinin Bay and beach.
DISTANCE : 2.5 Miles (one way)
TIME : 1.0 – 2.0 Hours (one way)
TRAILHEAD : Begins in Kalinin Bay on the North side of Kruzof Island and ends at Sea Lion Cove on the outer coast
RECOMMENDED SEASON : Summer – beware autumn storms
LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY : Moderate. Slippery boardwalk and roots along most of the route.
TRAIL MANAGEMENT AGENCY: Alaska State Parks ceased maintenance of the trail when Ranger position defunded due to budget cuts in 2015.



Remotely located, approximately 1 1/2 hours by boat, north of Sitka on Kruzof Island. The trail begins on the shoreline of Kalinin Bay. Look for the diamond-shaped trailhead sign on the W shore at the beginning of the estuary. STW leads groups on this amazing trail every year with the help of Allen Marine’s great catamarans.


Boats can anchor in Kalinin Bay. Be sure to haul your skiff or kayak above the high tide mark and tie it to something strong. Don’t leave food or smelly items in your skiff or the bears may find it when you are away. Sea Lion Cove Trail is maintained by Alaska State Parks. The beach is known locally as a good surfing spot.


The trail starts in the forest and crosses into muskegs. Pass by the first lake before re-entering beautiful old-growth forest. The trail then emerges onto a two-mile long sand beach in Sea Lion Cove, at the edge of the Pacific Ocean.


The boardwalk trail is extremely slippery when wet – hiking poles are suggested. This is a remote trail with no cell phone coverage. Be sure to bring along your camera and a VHF radio; as well as the ten essentials on any hike in Alaska’s backcountry. There can be a lot of beach trash. Please pack out a little with you.