Thimbleberry and Heart Lakes Trail Repaired

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Free Guided Hike – Thimbleberry-Heart-SMC Loop, August 20th

The public is invited to free hike guided hike on the Thimbleberry-Heart Lakes-Sawmill Creek Rd. Loop with Sitka Trail Works Saturday August 20, 2016. Meet at the Thimbleberry Lake trailhead at 9:00 AM. The hike is approximately a 3.6 mile, moderately difficult loop back to the Thimbleberry trailhead. The trailhead is 4 miles southeast of town on Sawmill Creek Road. Cross Thimbleberry Creek Bridge (watch for sign) and immediately to your left is a trailhead sign and parking area.

More: Elevation gain is 100 feet in the first ¼ mile to Thimbleberry Lake, and another 250 feet the next ¾ mile to Heart Lake. The trail goes through a hemlock-spruce forest for about an eighth of a mile then follows a power line corridor to Thimbleberry Lake. The trail to Thimbleberry Lake is less than a 17% grade and 4 feet wide with an aggregate tread. The trail continues northwest around the south end of Heart Lake then down to Blue Lake Road. Improvements were made in February to the stream crossing at the Blue Lake Rd. connector to make it level. Water levels vary and the crossing is on stones so hiking poles are recommended. No guarantee that your boots will remain dry. The hike will continue down Blue Lake Rd. to Sawmill Creek Rd. and return along the separated multipurpose path back to the Thimbleberry trailhead. Weather permitting there are beautiful views of the surrounding mountains along the trail and at the lakes, as well as the SMC Rd. multipurpose path along the sound.

Sitka Trail Works board member Deanna Bennett will lead the hike. For more information call 747-7244.