In 2023, we finished the northern extension of the Sitka Cross Trail, connecting downtown to Starrigavan and Halibut Point Road. After two years of community engagement, the 2023 Sitka Trail Plan provides a vision for future development. 


Working alongside our agency partners, Sitka Trail Works volunteers and paid crews address the constant needs of a trail system in the rainforest. To get involved, you can join one of our monthly work parties where we repair tread, improve drainage, clear brush, and keep trails accessible to all. 


Sitka Trail Works hosts a variety of programs to help Sitkans reap the myriad benefits of life outdoors. Our year-round youth programming connects young Sitkans with trails in their backyard with the aim of fostering a life-long affinity for the outdoors. Every summer, we offer community hikes for all ranges of ages and abilities, on and off the island.

The Latest with Trail Works

Opportunities to Get Involved

Sitka Trail works volunteers head out on a trail to do maintenance.


Join a committed group of locals willing to take on the elements to keep Sitka’s trails accessible. No experience necessary. Sign up here to learn about opportunities each month in the Trailblazer Bulletin!

Sitka youth holds an item from the natural world in a gloved hand.

Youth Program

If you have youth ages 5-22, we have programs for you! From internships to hiking clubs and life skills classes, we have something for everyone. Head to our youth program page to learn more.

A community participant on the Mount Edgecumbe Sitka Trail Works hike heads down the volcano.

Community Hikes

Sitka Trail Works hosts community hikes from May-August. On island hikes are free and open to all while our off-island hikes to places like Sea Lion Cove have a registration fee to cover the boat cost.

Become a Member

When you become a member at Sitka Trail Works, you not only get access to our biannual print newsletter, but you are the first to know about all things trails!

Membership supports all our building, maintaining, and promoting to help get Sitkans outside. We couldn’t do what we do without the support of the Sitka community and beyond.

Two hikers make their way up the Gavan/Harbor Ridge Trail.

Why Support Sitka trail works

Community Driven

Established in the 1990s to respond to the economic crisis of the mill closure, our work is grounded in the needs and desires of our community. Over 800 Sitkans shared their input to craft the 2023 Sitka Trail Plan, which guides future project priorities.

Strong Partnerships

Sitka Trail Works connects agencies across local, state, and federal lands for a community-wide trail network. We steward the shared vision of accessible recreation supported by the Sitka Tribe of Alaska, the USDA Forest Service, the National Park Service, Alaska State Parks, and the City & Borough of Sitka.

Inclusive Programs

We believe that everyone can benefit from time spent in nature, so Sitka Trail Works invests in programming and infrastructure to reduce barriers to outdoor access. We teach students wilderness survival skills, lead group hikes, and build trails to underserved neighborhoods to facilitate healthy outdoor activity for all.

Alex Kelsey stands looking out over the mountains in Sitka, Alaska.
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