Summit for Suds

Inspired by Hoarding Marmot’s Trail Bingo and Trail Mix’s Hike for a Pint, welcome to our first summer of Summit for Suds! We are excited to launch this trail fundraising event.

How It Works

An example of a Summit for Suds card for 2024.

Each participant purchases a card with 6 local hikes of varying difficulties. Hikers pre-register for these cards starting April 18th, the date of the April Think and Drink at Harbor Mountain Brewing. Physical cards will be available for pick up at the Brewery starting May 23rd, during the May Think and Drink event. If you forget to register or miss the deadline, we will have extra cards available for cash only purchase at the bar in the Harbor Mountain Tasting Room. Participants have from May 23rd until August 31st to complete the hikes, and until September 15th to redeem the card for a beverage of choice. Only four hikes on the card need to be completed to redeem your beverage. Each card costs $30 and is a donation to Sitka Trail Works. With this donation you get to redeem one free drink from the brewery, as well as an entry into a raffle for Sitka Trail Works members and donors to win two free roundtrip tickets on Alaska Seaplanes!

Log your Hikes

Press the “Log your Hikes” button below to log your completed hikes. A photo of the trail or you on the trail is required to submit this form. You must fill out this form each time you complete a hike. We will be monitoring responses and email you when you have completed four hikes and are able to redeem your card for a drink! Reach out to with any questions or concerns.

Summit for Suds is family friendly! While Harbor Mountain has a wonderful array of beers available, they also have many non-alcoholic beverages to choose from. See the comprehensive list of these options below:

Non-Alcoholic House Beverages

Pour Over Coffee


Orange Cream Soda

Orange Zest and Spruce Tip Bubbly Water

Root Beer

Non-Alcoholic Beverages by other Producers

Zentopia Mango Sparkling water infused with CBD

Sierra Nevada

Hop Splash Water

Athletic Brewing Beer

Lite Lager & Hazy IPA

Mighty Leaf Hot tea

Chamomile, Earl grey, & Green tea

Athletic Brewing Bubbly

“Daypack” Blood Orange Sparkling Water with Hops Infused

This robust list makes Summit for Suds fun for all ages! If you are ready to purchase your card, click the “button “Purchase Your Card!” button above!

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