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What to Bring

Packing the Ten Essentials, and number eleven for bear country, will help you stay safe outdoors. Check out this overview for more details on the Essentials.

• Navigation

• Hydration

• Nutrition

• Rain gear and insulation

• Firestarter

• First aid kit

• Knife

• Illumination

• Sun protection

• Shelter

• Bear spray

What to Know

  • About bears
    • To stay safe in bear country, we recommend reading these simple tips. Make noise and maintain distance.
    • Don’t be “bearanoid.” Learn the facts about bears and act consciously to avoid encounters – but get out and enjoy our amazing trails!
  • About hiking
  •  About the rainforest
    • Hypothermia is a risk any time of the year here in Sitka, so dress appropriately and bring extra layers.
  • About stewardship
    • Follow the practices of Leave No Trace; pack out what you pack in.
    • Give back to public lands by supporting maintenance as a volunteer or donor.