Medvejie Lake Trail

  • USE : Hike
  • DESCRIPTION : Rough trail from the Medvejie Hatchery to a crystal clear lake set between sheer mountain sides. The trailhead is unmarked and the trail receives little maintenance.
  • DISTANCE : 0.75 mile (one way)
  • TIME : 1 hour (one way)
  • TRAILHEAD : Trail begins off Green Lake Road near Medvejie Hatchery about 3.25 miles past the gate at the end of Sawmill Creek Road. Green Lake Road is closed to public vehicles, but is accessible to those walking, bicycling, or skiing. When you reach the hatchery, turn left past hatchery employee residences and follow the road about a hundred yards uphill to reach the stream. After November 2020 storms washed out the footbridge, hikers must ford the stream. Please only attempt when water levels are low.
  • LAND MANAGEMENT AGENCY : City and Borough of Sitka. The CBS Electric Department is responsible for the Green Lake Road. Northern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association (NSRAA) manages the hatchery.
Medvejie Trail Map


The “trailhead” for this non-maintained trail is 3.25 miles from the Green Lake Road gate at Herring Cove. The public can park right before the Green Lake Road gate, at a small pullout.

The Green Lake Road is open to pedestrians and bicyclists. Vehicle access is limited to the City Electric Department and NSRAA Hatchery business. Be bear aware, especially during summer spawning season, as bears frequent the area around the hatchery, including the road and the trail. If biking the road, it is best to slow down when going around blind corners or cresting hills to look for bears. Make noise and remain vigilant on the trail, which is heavily used by bears to access the hatchery at the aptly named Bear Cove.

The trail is prone to blowdown and landslides, so be prepared for obstacles. Rubber boots are recommended for the initial stream crossing and for regular muddy sections along the trail.

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