Path of Hope

Path of Hope


The Path of Hope is situated between Lower Moller Field’s track and Moller Avenue.  This park was dedicated in 2001.  Sitka Trail Works used an Alaska Trails Initiative grant to begin building pathways in 2003.  Since then, the Sitka Cancer Survivor’s Society obtained Rasmuson Foundation grants to provide for artwork.  Artist Steve Lawrie was selected to create The Book of Hope and Flame of Hope sculptures that are central to the park.  An additional grant from Alaska Trails Initiative allowed for STW to add signage.  Many volunteers have donated time to install pavers and landscape the area with perennials, trees, & shrubs.

The Path of Hope is accessible to individuals with mobility difficulties.  Although the left & right forks of the have slight changes in elevation, the central path from Moller Ave. to the Flame of Hope is level.  All paths within the park have a compact graveled surface.  A group of benches near the Flame of Hope and several more throughout the park provide spaces for relaxation.  Visitors can see views of Mt. Verstovia and Swan Lake.


The Sitka Cancer Survivor’s Society has a mission to honor, educate, comfort, and inspire individuals and families affected by cancer.  They have produced a brochure about the Path of Hope and provide regular park maintenance.  With the Path of Hope now completed, the Sitka Cancer Survivor’s Society provides grants to Sitkans dealing with cancer.   To learn more about the Sitka Cancer Survivor’s Society or to make a donation you can visit their Facebook page, email, or send correspondence to P.O. Box 1624, Sitka, AK 99835

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