Youth Stewardship Pilot

The pilot week of our Youth Stewardship program was a success! The one-week summer camp was hosted by Sitka Tribe of Alaska and Sitka Native Education Program, with Sitka Trail Works staff leading stewardship projects on trails and public lands. The middle school age students learned about Native place names and stories, while getting their hands dirty in taking care of our shared lands. Students repaired non-skid material at G̱ájaa Héen (Starrigavan), cleared trail-side drainage on Ḵaasda Héen (Indian River), and brushed at Shís’gi Noow (Totem Park).
We’re looking forward to continuing the program for a full season next year, with support from the National Park Service, USDA Southeast Alaska Sustainability Strategy, and the Sitka Legacy Foundation.
(Photo credit: Lee House)

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