Kruzof Island Multi-use Trails

  • USE : ATV, mountain bike, and hike
  • DESCRIPTION : Miles of old logging road used for ATV riding, biking, hiking, and beach & cabin access
  • DISTANCE: Multiple Trail Distances Available (Up to 8 miles along Iris Meadows Road, with many routes to explore along various spurs)
    • Iris Meadows Road – 5.1 miles one-way to Shelikof turn-off
    • South Road – 1.1 miles one-way (access via Iris Meadows Road)
    • Cone Road – 3.5 miles one-way (access via Iris Meadows Road)
    • Lower Cone Road – about 1 mile one-way (access via Cone Road)
    • East Road – about 1 mile one-way (access via Iris Meadows Road)
    • West Road – about 1 mile one-way (access via Iris Meadows Road)
    • Shelikof Trail – 1.3 miles one-way; no ATV traffic (access via Iris Meadows Road)
    • Twin Lakes Road – 8.2 miles one-way (access via Iris Meadows Road)
    • Cucavan Cove Road – about 1 mile one-way (access via Twin Lakes Road)
    • Bike Road – 1.2 miles one-way (access via Twin Lakes Road)
  • TIME : Varies
  • TRAILHEAD : Mud Bay at Kruzof Island.
  • ELEVATION GAIN : 300+ feet
  • LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY : Easy to Difficult
Kruzof Island Multi-use Logging Roads Map


This logging road system begins at Mud Bay, which is on the east coast of Kruzof Island and about 13 miles NW of Sitka by boat. Iris Meadows Road begins on the north shore of the Bay, west of the cleared area. Most Kruzof Island logging roads are open to off-road vehicles (≤50 inches width) as well as mountain bikers, and hikers. A mooring buoy is available on a first-come-first-serve basis.


These trails, originally constructed as logging roads in the early 1970’s, offer a good way to travel across the island.


During snowy winters these roads are good for cross-country skiing. Motorized vehicles are not permitted off the roadways. Access to the Shelikof cabin (hike-in) and North Beach Cabin (ATV use) is via this road system.


There are dozens of miles of logging roads on Kruzof Island. Much of Iris Meadows Road follows along Shelikof River.  From Mud Bay, the intersection with Shelikof Trail at Iris Meadows about six miles. After the Shelikof Cabin turnoff (not ATV accessible; bike/walk only), Iris Meadows road continues after turning to the right.  Twin Lakes Road, which also intersects with Iris Meadows Road, can be used to access North Beach Cabin.

Most roads are open to ATVs including some commercial operators guiding tourists.  Mountain bikers & walkers also use the trails and should listen & watch for ATV traffic.  The intersections with spur trails are often confusing and not signed.  Some trails are in good shape, but others lack regular maintenance. We suggest carrying a map and compass or GPS. The island also has a high concentration of brown bears.


US Forest Service – Iris Meadows Road Page  (Use map to Find Other Pages)
US Forest Service – Twin Lakes Road Page
US Forest Service – Shelikof Trail Page – Shelikof Cabin – North Beach Cabin

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