Phase 6 – Cross Trail Planning and Design

In 2014 the City and STW worked together on a Federal Lands Access grant (FLAP) grant proposal for Phase 6 Cross Trail Planning and Design from Kramer Drive to Starrigavan. This is the same funding source that was used to build the last sections of the Cross Trail. The grant was awarded and funds became available by early spring 2016 after the most recent Federal Transportation bill, “Fixing America’s Surface Transportation” (FAST) Act was signed in the fall of 2015.

Three project agreements between the City and Western Federal Lands were signed before work began this spring. The Western Federal Lands grant administrators support the partnership arrangement between the City and STW to provide work on the trail since this approach is seen as the most cost effective and efficient way to accomplish trail construction.

STW has selected a consultant to do the planning and engineering for the project via a Request for Proposals process. LEI was the local firm selected to determine a viable route, provide a cost estimate and complete bridge engineering. After the alignment is finalized through a public scoping effort, STW will work with the Forest Service personnel in the spring of 2017 so that the necessary field reports and cultural resources inventory are completed for the NEPA process.

After the Wetland delineations are complete, Sitka Trail Works, on behalf of CBS,  will begin the application to Army Corps of Engineers and mitigation terms will be determined.

The Director submitted another FLAP grant application for two million dollars constructing the 2.5 mile Phase 6 project on behalf of the City on May 16.  The project was awarded the grant in November but the construction funding will need to be approved in the authorization of the 2018 Transportation Bill. Construction will begin in early spring 2019.