Affiliates & Partners

These links are to our partners or other organizations that have helped Sitka Trail Works.

  • Sitka Sustainable Outdoor Recreation Action Plan.
    Two great evenings of public input on Sitka’s future recreation opportunities.
  • by Matt Goff
    Find More Local Naturalist and Hiking Info Here.
  • Sitka Through Four Seasons
    Biking, Hiking, Travel and Local Business Directory.
  • Sitka Trail Plan (pdf).
    The Sitka Trail Plan calls for 16 new hiking trail construction projects and 14 trail reconstruction projects.
  • SEAtrail
    SEAtrail is Southeast Alaska’s unique long-distance, community-focused trail system inter-connected by Alaska’s Marine Highway System. The site maintains and provides comprehensive information about hiking, biking, paddling and SCUBA diving.
  • City of Sitka
    The Sitka Trail Plan calls for 16 new hiking trail construction projects (62.5 miles) and 14 trail reconstruction projects (40.8 miles). The plan also includes a proposed dive trail, improved kayak facilities, 2 ATV trails and 2 new mountain bike trails.
  • Alaska State Parks
    Sitka, Alaska is located on Baranof Island, along the outer coast of Alaska’s Inside Passage. Alaska State Parks manages six state parks near Sitka.
  • National Forest Service
    Trails Accessible from the Sitka Road System in the Tongass National Forest. Sitka Ranger District
  • National Park Service
    Alaska’s oldest federally designated park was established in 1910 to commemorate the 1804 Battle of Sitka.
  • Allen Marine
    Allen Marine in Sitka Alaska offers Wildlife Tours and day cruises in Sitka, Alaska.
  • Sitka Convention and Visitor’s Bureau